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United Kingdom
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  • Duality Quadrants
  • Self Compassion for Inner Child
What I love about EFT? My story, my passion, my vision:
I love EFT because of its simplicity and yet it's depth - the way it opens up the blockages and heals them. I finally became certified at Level 2 in November 2020 but tap on a number of people during the week. My vision, now certified, is to be able to offer tapping to people with mental health issues within the organisation I founded to help them cope with life and find their place of peace . As many are on benefits it's not my intention to charge (though people could donate to a chosen charity if that made them feel better) as at my age I'm not intending to set up a practice - I just want to pass on as best I can the healing benefits of tapping.
About my Practice:
As mentioned above I'm not intending to set up a practice but because I have had six episodes of bi-polar and been hospitalized twice I do tend to know/attract people with mental health issues.
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How I use EFT:
  • Self Help
  • Friends and Family

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Coordinator Daisy Chain 8


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