Our EFT Training Philosophy

Clear, Practical, Real, Accessible, Thorough

EFT Training Course

Our Intention

Our EFT Teaching Philosophy

We want to teach you to fit EFT into real life and real experience in a way that makes sense.  We want you to be able to get results for yourself and others right out of the box. 

Our understanding of this remarkable tool is that EFT is Everybody's Freedom Technique. Our courses are designed for practical learning, are taught in everyday language and are open to both people with no previous professional education and people with multiple degrees.

What is EFT?

EFT is:

  • a tool for loosening stuck stuff; 
  • WD40 for stress; 
  • how we get free of the past; 
  • an emotional baggage handler; 
  • or a process for the transformation of subjective experience.  
  • adding a somatic element to cognitive and behavioural therapy

Doing EFT

EFT Tapping:

  • looks daft and feels silly;
  • is nothing like psychotherapy;
  • is for people younger than 8, older than 80 and all ages in between;
  • like dance, you can do it on your own and its better with a partner or a group;
  • rewards persistence;
  • is individual, personal, flexible and adaptable;
  • opens us up to that which is beyond.

What can EFT do?

EFT is for:

  • clearing the after effects of shock and stress
  • deactivating activating situations
  • releasing physical tension 
  • letting go of the pain of painful memories
  • first aid calm down when under pressure
  • preparation for challenges ahead
  • loosening the grip of false truths (limiting beliefs)
  • opening possibility and creating a compelling future

Skill with EFT

EFT Skill is:

People build skill and confidence using EFT when they:

  • understand a few guiding principles and techniques;
  • learn from hands-on experience not theory and book learning;
  • keep on tapping and get lots and lots of practice;
  • let go of analysis and interpretation and get out of their own way;
  • use simple, curious questions in everyday words;
  • stop trying to fix other people and just walk alongside; 
  • trust the tapping to do the work;
EFT Tapping

How Does EFT Work

How does EFT work?

  • we can't teach you how it works 
  • we can teach you how to do it;
  • modern science has not caught up with EFT yet;
  • but there is a growing body of research showing that it does work;
  • we think it is something to do with Qi and the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine;
  • as well as skill and technique there is a mystery and a magic


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