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The EFT Guild Guildlines

The Guild is operated by guidelines written in plain, everyday language: we call these our 'guildlines', As we grow and evolve so will the guildlines.  If you have thoughts or suggestions please  email the EFT Guild

Skilful EFT & Good Behaviour

There are two sets of guildlines that are so important we have put them in the public area of the website so that everyone knows what we are about.  Please read these pages. Joining the guild you agree to commit to these guildlines. 

Skilful EFT         Good Behaviour       

Practitioner Certification

The EFT Guild is a community of learning and support, the EFT Guild is not a certification or accreditation body. Membership of the EFT Guild at Community Level is not any endorsement of qualification or competence. Membership at Practitioner Level indicates that the member has been certified and accredited by EFTi, NOVET or ACEP.

Discounted Insurance

The Guild does not require you to be insured to be a member.  However our advice is that you would be beyond daft to offer EFT on a paid or formal voluntary basis without insurance.  Valid professional and public indemnity insurance is a requirement of EFTi Practitioner status unless you are insured through your employer.

We have set up discounted multi-therapy professional practice policies with Balens at student and practitioner levels for UK members. Annual fee is £50 for Practitioners and £20 for students. If you already have insurance with Balens please request to transfer to the EFT Guild block policy when you renew.   To apply please read the Insurance Documentation and contact Balens, they are a family run business and very helpful.  Call them on 01684 893 006

Balens Policy Key Points - Key Points and Zurich Policy Wording

Balens Multi-Therapy Application Form - The EFT Guild Affinity Scheme

Balens Important Information - Insurance Act 2015.pdf

USA Members please contact Jondi Whitis for details of a similar US scheme.

Profile & Directory

Your profile or photo can be updated at any time.  Click on your name at the top of this screen to edit your profile and use the Privacy tab to control who sees what.

Directories.  There are two directories on the site which list Community and Practitioner members.  One visible to the public and the other to logged in members only which shows Daisy Chain participation.  You control who sees what.

The Guild is not a market place.  Let your talents, experience and abilities speak for themselves.  Please do not use the guild to promote network marketing products.

Members' Directory 

Public Directory   

Download the EFT Guild Logo

To download the Guild logo please right click on the image below and save to your computer.  There is a larger image at the foot of this page

You may use the EFT Guild logo on your business card, leaflet or website along with the words Member of the EFT Guild.  If you use the logo on your website please put a link from the image to www.EFTguild.org



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