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Professionally filmed EFT classics from the EFT Guild founder

Founder of the EFT Guild

Gwyneth has been tapping and teaching people how to help themselves and others with EFT since 2001. She founded the EFT Guild to create a community for those who love EFT to share their learning and support each other. 

Gwyneth was raised by scientists and has a Cambridge Physics degree. Her first career was travelling the world as an oil exploration geophysicist, then in her thirties she did an MBA and worked in consulting and project management. At forty she ran away from the corporate world and after a year of travel, strange coincidences led her to EFT. She brings her northern common sense and scientific education to a deeper understanding of what happens when we tap. 

Gwyneth Moss

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Professionally filmed classics from Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

These pages link to 28 hours of top quality EFT viewing for EFT Guild members that would together be priced at far more than the EFT Guild membership fee. It is worth joining the EFT Guild to watch these videos alone.

From newcomer training to advanced techniques these videos bring something for all who love EFT.

The EFT HELPS set are designed for borrowing benefits to bring relief to your own issues whilst watching and learning. 

EFT Helps Videos

EFT Helps is nine one hour full EFT sessions that demonstrate a range of techniques for advanced learning and borrowing benefits


Training Videos

EFT Training Companion takes you through Gwyneth's Level 1 and Level 2 training courses in fifteen hours of video


EFT Imagineering

Two conference presentations of Gwyneth's simple technique using imagery to get inside the language of physical symptoms,


Podcast Interview with Gwyneth


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