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The EFT Gathering

The Gathering was begun in 2009 to offer a friendly first stage to EFT Practitioners and Trainers to share their experience and skill, its been our annual tappers get together ever since. 

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EFT Gathering Website 

EFT Gathering 2020


Gwyneth Moss & Heather  Smiles – EFT for Animals

Andrea Pusey – Movement Tapping

Hilary Jones – Womb Twin Survivors

Christine Sutton & Philip Davis – The Big C

Susan Bushell – The Suprises of Midlife

Alex Buxton – Weighty Resistance

Gwyneth Moss – Duality Tapping

Daria Ates – Incurable

Deborah Sampson – All the Family

Trevor & Cindy Tacey – Family Recovery

Sarah Alvarez – Supression to Expression

Jacqui Crooks – Healing the Ancestors

Two Open Mike Audience Sessions

EFT Gathering 2019


Gwyneth Moss - Self Compasssion Demonstration

Catie Bertoux - Tapping with the Elderly

Deborah Sampson - Were You Bullied

Pat Ballantyne - Where is the Research?

Kris Ferraro - More than Enough

Anne Ryan - The Unseen Therapist

Trevor Tacey - Acing Recovery

Jean Anderson - Tapping in Kenya

Samantha Jordan - Tapping with Detainees

Karen Ellis - EFT the NHS and Me

The Best Family - Our Family Story

Carl Stonier - Imaginal Tapping

Karen St Clair - Spreading the Word

EFT Gathering 2018


Gary Craig - The Unseen Therapist

Jondi Whitis - The Joy of Mentoring

Gunilla Hamne / Ulf Sandstrom - Aftermath of War

Gwyneth Moss - Meridian Energy

Claire Chadburn - Learning from my Children

Heather Carter - Laughter Tapping

Kathy Adams - Sitting with Suffering

Peter Gelder - Your Intuition

Lynda Freeman - Clean Language Questions

Osnat Shube - Tapping for Myself

EFT Gathering 2017


Gwyneth Moss - I Don't KNow

Susie Foster - Tap Away School Stress

Deborah Sampson - Basic Instincts

Frances Goodall - Steps to Health

Andy Hunt - Benefits of Annoyance

Masha Bennett - Self Care

Nikki Kyimba - Psychological Trauma

Penny French - EFT on Probation

Martine Moorby - Spiritual EFT

More Gathering Audios

AUDIOS FROM 2011 TO 2016

Gwyneth Moss - Protective Distancing for Guilt

Gwyneth Moss - What Have I Learned

Gwyneth Moss - Self Compassion

Gwyneth Moss - Blow Your Own Trumpet

Linda Wood - Duality Tapping

Linda Wood - Magic Parenting

Helen Walker - Spiritual Anxiety

Helen Walker - Sole Purpose

Kris Ferraro - Marketing Miracles

Kris Ferraro - Space for the Miraculous

Gary Craig - Optimal EFT, three sessions

Ros Barber - Write the Damn Book

Andrea Pusey - The Autistic Spectrum and EFT

Yvonne Toeset - Survival Strategies

Sarah Naylor - Chronic Illness

Jessica Mor - The Courage to be Present

Jessica Mor - More Courage More Present

Deborah Sampson - Intergenerational Tapping

Jondi Whitis - The Newtown Tragedy

Abigal Tearse - EFT and Pain

Heather Smiles - Equine PTSD

Deborah Donndelinger - Family Energetics

Jan Mustchin - Group Work

Janet Allen - Home Sweet Home

Sue Beer - The Power of Vows



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