Welcome to the EFT Guild

We are a friendly community of learning and support


The LIBRARY  is a collection of videos and includes the professionally filmed EFT HELPS and EFT TRAINING COMPANION videos

The EFT GATHERING section has  a full archive of videos and audios from EFT people.

The Advanced EFT Short Courses are now free for members

Practice Groups

For those who have completed training to Level Two our Daisy Chain Practice groups are unique in the EFT world. Seven people give and receive tapping sessions in a sequence around a chain. Ask your Welcomer to tell you more about how to join a chain.

The Tapping Exchange allows you to find partners for tapping swaps.


Our Events Calendar lists tapping and mentoring events which are by members and for members only.  Most are included in your membership, a few have a fee.

If you have completed EFT training you are welcome to run an event, this is a friendly space to gain confidence with group work. Try running a discussion or borrowing benefits group.

Welcome Video

Watch this welcome video which gives you a tour of our site and services. 

One of our Welcomer team will contact you to arrange a friendly chat on zoom to go into more detail and answer your questions. 

This is your community. The more you contribute the more you receive.

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You can edit your profile data at any time. Login and click on your name at the top of the screen, then the edit button, make your changes and do not forget to save them.

The Privacy settings tab allows you to decide what elements of your profile are visible to the public, to other members only, or are not visible.  To set your privacy, login, click on your name at the top of the screen, select the privacy tab and edit to choose your settings. Don't forget to save your changes.




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