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What I love about EFT? My story, my passion, my vision:
It’s simple, effective and can be practised anywhere. It’s a self help tool that’s with me at all times.

I came across EFT in 2003 and as a psychologist, I was pretty sceptical about it. But as soon as I learnt the foundational skills from Gary Craig’s videos, I was hooked. I tried it on myself and then friends and family. I healed a large chunk of my childhood trauma by myself before embarking on the EFT journey as a practitioner. I went on to further train myself in EFT by taking Gary’s Cert 1 and then got associated with EFT universe. Currently I’m an Accredited EFT practitioner and Master trainer of trainers with EFT International.
I’m passionate about spreading awareness about EFT and my vision is to equip as many people as I can with this phenomenal tool.
About my Practice:
I work primarily with trauma survivors, especially Adult survivors of Childhood sexual abuse. I also help clients reduce anxiety with EFT. I prefer to use the nuanced, creative and gentle application of EFT in my client sessions and rarely feel the need to combine any other technique with it.

I’ve been in private practise for 16+ years. Being an MTOT with EFTi, I also provide training and mentoring for Practitioner and trainer candidates. There’s something about teaching EFT that gives me a lot of joy.
Other therapies I use alongside EFT:


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