Mentoring with Kathy

  • 17 Sep 2024
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • UK timezone
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EFTi Mentoring with Kathy Adams

Kathy is offering this mentoring session as part of The Guild Volunteer Mentoring Team's free offerings.  We will have 90 minutes together in a small group so that we can go deep. Please bring your questions, client cases, concerns, vulnerabilities and celebrations to this safe space. This time together will be nurturing and I intend that it is growthful and enjoyable. The 90 minutes will serve as 25% of your EFTi mentoring minimum requirement.

This session is limited to 6 members, EFTi practitioners and those who have completed training, however this is not mentoring for certification. if you are not able to attend it is essential that you cancel your place as others may be on the wait list. 

 I am intuitive in my work and  I have many  techniques and tools in my box including integrating EFT with Internal Family Systems and my experience with serious illness. My style of working is integrative and flowing and works on the principle of deeply listening and holding with humility and a compassionate heart. My aim is to awaken your inner compass and teacher so that you can find your own way towards being more fully yourself as a practitioner.

I believe that as practitioners we work within a container of our professional training and experience along with our own personal development and self-care. We bring all of this to our clients and all of this can be explored in this space of mentoring. My container involves a deeply devotional spiritual path and this undoubtedly makes a contribution,

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