Tap the News

  • 06 Jun 2023
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • UK Timezone


  • Members of the EFT Guild

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Borrow Benefits and Create Global Healing

with Jess Mor and Alice Bradshaw

Come and join us to create a circle of compassion for troubling world events. We resource, connect and tap, believing that the healing power of tapping travels, and that remaining present to that which is difficult matters. By healing our reaction to the news, we contribute to healing the world. We might feel we can’t change what’s going on in the world, but as we allow space in our hearts and minds to sit with difficult events we are always surprised by the insights and shifts in perspective we gain. Everyone in the group benefits from every story we work on through the Borrowing Benefits phenomen. 

We ask you to bring with you an item of positive news, and a specific news story that has got to you. The more specific the better: bring the headline, article or photograph that has triggered you.

Jess and Alice use EFT to help clients from all over the world and enjoy working with groups to shift stuff together.

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