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Combining Tapping with the Power of Intention Groups

Intention Benefits Senders and Receivers

Intention is a simple thing. Essentially it is projecting your mind into the future and creating a representation of something. Lynne McTaggert has been experimenting with the effects of Intention in groups, as you can read in her book The Power of Eight. Here we combine tapping to magnify the connection of the group and focus the intention.  We:

  1. Choose a recipient within the group, or someone known to a member of the group or a representative character 
  2. form a specific, shared intention for the recipient being as specific as possible - what would be seen and heard if this happens
  3. use synchronised no-words (traffic lights) tapping to connect the group to each other and open to the field
  4. sit in stillness, with peaceful music and picture, gently holding the intention for ten minutes
  5. receiver and senders then share experiences and tap more if needed

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Videos, Experiences and Feedback from Groups

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The Circular Arch

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Tapping for Calm

Gwyneth and Jessica demonstrate Traffic Lights Tapping




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